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 Brapposter ban appeal 
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Post Brapposter ban appeal
Byond Key:
IC Name at the time:
Spy Man
Date and Time of the Ban:
6:25 ish GMT+1
Ban Duration:
3 days
Banning Admin:
Official Ban Reason:
Reason: Brapposter killed another player because they came at them with a flash and deathnettle. Claimed this proved antag. The other player never even touched them. Brapposter had the player detained with handcuffs. Decided to kill them anyway. This was not proper escalation. This ban is for 3 days.
Your description of the incident:
Basically this guy chased me around for no reason all round, even flashed me at one point while i was talking to detective and captain. Detective told him to stop, but later on, he ran into science and wordlessly pulled out a flash and deathnettle when we were alone, and chased me for about 1½ minutes with it. This obvious antag behavior made me disarm him, flash him, cuff him and kill him. Mid way through me beating him he admitted that he was a rev (i already knew he was an antag from his obvious antag behavior) but apparently that doesn't matter because i wasn't "gonna stop anyways" (why would i?)

And if you tell me "i could have just turned him over to sec", no, the detective let some guy who kidnapped me and then openly admitted his intent to cut my limbs off scot free after catching him red handed. leaving them to the incompetent sec was not an option

Reason for Appealing:
Because the admin (Falaskian) who banned me is retarded and should be deadmined. The only argument he has against banning me is that i had "no way of knowing he was an antag and it was not properly escalated" except chasing someone all round and pulling out a flash and deadly weapon as soon as you're alone together is 100% antag behavior. The guy was an antag and i already knew he was an antag, there is literally no reason to ban, even if you claim "haha he could have just been trying to prank you, you had no way to know he was an antag".

>this is an actual argument by the admin lmao

Fri Nov 17, 2017 5:40 am

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Post Re: Brapposter ban appeal
Your topic was moved from "Player Complaints" to "Ban Appeals" subforum for obvious reasons.

Pro tip: Get your shit straight before calling someone a retard.

Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:10 am
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Post Re: Brapposter ban appeal
Given that you would have killed him anyway, regardless of whether he confessed, as you said yourself, the question remains to be seen whether his behavior can be considered antagonistic. Just for flashing you here and there, and then running at you with a flash and nettle in hand isn't enough to confirm someone as an antagonist. You could've fullstripped him, spaced all his things and welded him into a locker - since he can get out on his own eventually. Unless you have another reason to believe his intent was to kill you, and not just mess around with you, this unban isn't going to happen. Hell, you could've probably put him into crit if you couldn't cuff him for chasing you around with a death nettle - and of course at that point you'd have to heal him. Had he gotten you into or near crit with the nettle, then yes - killing him would've been fine. Or at the very least had he attacked you with it. Had you not had the means to cuff him - you could've critted him, went for some cable cuffs, then healed him.

Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:39 pm

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Post Re: Brapposter ban appeal
I agree with KT. I went through all the logs Landry never flashed or harmed you in any way so you basically killed a guy for running around you after you cuffed him when he was not a threat to anyone.

To be honest this ban appeal is not working in your favour. Reading logs showed me you dont really understand our server rules, you are quite trigger happy and Landry is not the only person you killed that round.

Rule 1: Do not remove players from the round unless you are an antagonist. Primarily this means no killing, but it also applies to things like trapping them in a room with no way out. Putting someone into crit and leaving them to die is the same as killing them. Self-defense and killing antagonists are exceptions. Killing in self-defense must follow proper escalation. Other than that it's all fair game.

Person you also killed was Lizbeth Whiteman. She kidnapped you and tried to remove all your limbs but got stopped by captain and detective. Reason she did it was because you broke the R&D console deleting all her work. Our rules allow people being kidnapped and if someone kidnaps you you dont have the right to kill them, if she actually removed any of your limbs you would have the right to kill her. Now problem with this situation is you didnt kill her to get away from her or because she was a clear antag (killing people or having traitor items) you killed her after that whole situation settled down she was no longer coming after you. You asked to get your ID back she told you to go look in the incinerator than she slipped and you toolboxed her to death, then when people searched her and told you she is not a traitor you kept yelling she is valid to you and you will kill her again if she gets cloned.

Spy Man: I am gonna kill him again if i see him. Hes valid to me

Spy Man: You cant borg me for killing a valid

You cant decide someone is valid to you if they kidnapped you, if a person is valid they are valid to everyone because they are an antag and to yell someone is valid you need to have evidence for it and be sure they are an antag. You can also kill/crit people in self-defense but you have to follow proper escalation and you cant kill them if you have any other means of surviving i.e. stunning them with a stun weapon and getting away or cuffing them. Also as soon as person is cuffed situation de-escalated and you dont have the right kill them because there is no reason to do it. And yes you can be brigged or borged for killing anyone because if you get caught for murder you better show evidence person you killed is an antag or you had to kill him in self-defense.

Spy Man: captain is being a faggot because i robusted him last shift

Spy Man: youre just mad cause you got robusted last shift and now youre metagrudging

Also here you are coming close to breaking rule 6 (Do not mix IC and OOC). Also metagrudging is against the rules (Rule 8) if you think someone is doing it admin PM it and we will handle it. Yelling it in IC will just make you look like an asshole.

After reading all the logs and seeing what kind of player you are i decided your ban will be extended to seven days so you have time to think about your actions and read our rules so you understand players are not supposed to remove other players from the round and if they do one of them has to be an antag or there has to be a proper escalation.

Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:45 pm
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