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 [SERVER]Suggestion Compilation 
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Post [SERVER]Suggestion Compilation
Here is a list of my suggestions. Because I'v made a list, I'v also decided to make a convenient rating guide to rating each suggestion, as well as giving my suggestions an identity. This will save a lot of forum space so that I don't have to spam ten threads for all of my ideas.

Short Description of the Suggestion: Event Synchronized Lavaland Storms
Long Description: During certain events such as the escape shuttle arriving at the station, lavaland triggers a storm which last longer than usual.
Reasons why it's worth implementing: It creates more suspense in the game as the people at lavaland have to deal with a storm while everything is happening.
Idea Number: 01

Short Description of the Suggestion: New Mining Contracts
Long Description: At the start of the round, the quartermaster may pick a mining contract which can be lavaland, iceland, detroit, or other lands of that nature. They all share the same elements and are just reskins of each other.
Reasons why it's worth implementing: It's like the captains ability to purchase a custom escape pod. It would feel as though there is more content in the game and give miners a chance to customize the setting they are in.
Idea Number: 02

Short Description of the Suggestion: Custom Station Departments
Long Description: Gives the captain the ability to add new departments to the station which unlock new jobs for the rest of the round that players may switch to, but, can't start as. They arrive at the station via the same way the emergency shuttle would and cost credits.
Reasons why it's worth implementing: It adds to the factors in the game and gives more leverage for the crew and antagonist alike without making the game too complex. It also allows for the possibility of making training stations for players that get job banned for lack of experience.
Idea Number: 03

Short Description of the Suggestion: Preclone and Memory Sync
Long Description: The captain may add a new section to the station for a cost, called the Clone Memory Sync. This department allows for a member of the crew to make a non-functioning clone that only starts functioning after they die. The clone has to be kept inside specialized clone pods and only unleashes the clone after the clones owner dies and chooses to ghost. Another nifty feature of this department is that not only does it drain a ton of energy from the station for each clone to be kept alive, but, players may choose to sync their memory to the clone via visiting this department and wasting a full fifteen seconds in order to do so. Memory sync means the clone will have the memories of the cloned individual up to that point.
Reasons why it's worth implementing: Adds more content to the game that allows for more possibilities not seen before.
Idea Number: 04

Short Description of the Suggestion: Training Department
Long Description: Adds a department which adds two new job classes. Luitinant and Trainees. Adds new things that can be ordered from cargo as well, training equipment, which simulates various jobs that players can train for doing on the station without actually putting everybody in harms way. The Luitinant is a captains assistant and will take over as captain if the captain is training someone to be a replacement. Trainees can be designated to take over as Luitinant if that is what they're training for. Captain may choose a trainee. Any head may access this department and train an assistant to trainee or even someone already in a job to be the cheif/head replacement/assistant when the role gets killed off.
Reasons why it's worth implementing: So players like the head of sections won't dispute over who becomes the new captain if the captain and head of personnel die; So that new players can learn each section more clearly if any section leader needs to train an assistant; Adds new content to the game with new factors.
Idea Number: 05

Short Description of the Suggestion: Archive Department
Long Description: Adds a new job class which sole purpose is to go about recording as much as possible in various parts of the station, from who passed what area at what time to what they were wearing. The job class, Scribe, gets the tools needed to do this and sets up at any part of the station the captain or security force desires, normally assisting the detective. As the scribes equipment collects data, the scribe gets a printed copy of the data that they can turn into a book and store it in the archive which is like a library of physical data for the round. The issue is that, although the archiving machine which stores data "might" only store data from a valid form, a valid form can be forged by antagonist.
Reasons why it's worth implementing: Adds more unique factors to the game without making it unreasonable to code as not too many new things have to be added.
Idea Number: 06

Short Description of the Suggestion: The Complicator
Long Description: A new antagonist role which complicates everything for everybody else by adding new steps to what they already have to do so long as the complicator complicated it. Kind of like an emag, the complicator gets a complicator card. When the complicator card is swiped, complicated random steps are added to the task the card was swiped on. Here is an example. You unscrew a window, unwrench, and unscrew in order to get the window out of the ground. If complicated, after the first step in the process, complicated steps would be added, such as using a torch, adding one sheet of iron, using a circular saw, or other things of that nature. Although the factors are randomized every round, they are consistent for each task and possibly throughout all task. Complicated task patterns will never involve the same prior step, such as if you unscrew a window and have to unscrew it again. Instead, the task will force the player to go outside the realm of engineering and into the medical or other realm, just to do that simple task. The complicator wins by complicating random stations designated. Complicated stations can't be disassembled by normal means and if the complicator already complicated it, it still counts as a success.
Reasons why it's worth implementing: Adds a new form of antagonist to the game that is just as bad if not worse than any antagonist before it.
Idea Number: 07

Short Description of the Suggestion:Solar Reflection Generation
Long Description:Unlike solar panels, the solar reflector has a few more parts to it. The first part is the station which is used to create and finish the solar reflector, which is then sent off like an escape shuttle presumably very close to the sun. It then gets tuned in with a portion of the station which houses gas. A massive laser is then created from the direction specificed by the solar reflection console, to beam across the map, oblitherate most things that get in the way, and begin to heat up the gas with a ton of heat. This energy doesn't have to be constantly managed to continue producing, but, is difficult to set up and risky, as antagonist could destroy a large portion of the station by ripping a laser through it, but, won't be able to craft their own from cargonia. Antagonist can by reflector parts however to reflect the beam however they would like in order to cause chaos if they manage to have the space gear and large amount of time it would take to do so. The heated gas is what generates the power on the station and has to be kept cool like super matter.
Reasons why it's worth implementing: Adds a new type of engine option to the game and more content.
IdeaNumber: 08

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